Free Yourself!

Stop giving away your power by looking externally to blame and start searching inward for solutions.

Please consider the difference between fault and responsibility.

It really doesn’t matter who’s fault it is that something is broken if it is your responsibility to fix it. So, if your parents, or someone else you were close with exposed you to trauma it is definitely not your fault! But, it is now your responsibility to learn how to move past that trauma and try to do your best to overcome the trauma to build a happy life for yourself.

If you are instead waiting for someone to apologize, to suffer and be punished and made to fix it, please understand that more often than not, that just isn’t how it works. You are holding yourself back by waiting for something to happen. By moving through and overcoming the trauma, pain etc., by building a happier life for yourself you will find liberation, releasing all that no longer serves you so that you can instead invite more positive into your life!

Don’t wait for someone else to fix you. Liberate yourself!

You have the power within within you.

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