I will periodically be sharing free hypnosis and meditation audios as well as informative podcasts. Please feel free to listen to them and let me know your thoughts or comments.

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As you enjoy these free hypnosis or meditation audios please know they are not a substitute for medical or therapeutic care. Never listen to an audio in any situation where you need to be alert such as operating a vehicle or other machinery.

Disclaimer: Please wait as recording may take several seconds to load.

Introduction to Hypnosis

Enjoy wonderful suggestions of relaxation, visualizations and positive suggestions. Notice how you perceive suggested impressions –whether you see, hear, smell or sense or simply feel impressions. The way you perceive is just how it is supposed to happen.

Now, wearing loose fitting clothing, find a comfortable, quiet spot and relax and enjoy the experience!

Audio duration: 18 minutes

Grounding, Shielding & Clearing for Daily Use


In this short meditation you will be guided to easily ground yourself, set up your protective energetic space and then clear any discomfort in your body and energetic space.

Meditation duration: 8 minutes

Gratitude Hypnosis Streaming


Bask in gratitude as you reflect, or rediscover, all the gifts in your life!

Enjoy wonderful suggestions of relaxation, visualizations and positive suggestions as you are transported to a beautiful location of your imagination by a unique mode of transportation.

Now, wearing loose fitting clothing, find a comfortable, quiet spot and relax and enjoy the experience!

Audio duration: 25 minutes

Self-love meditation.jpg

Meditation: Self-love, Self-worth

For best results please use this meditation everyday for a month. And, use the affirmations in this meditation as part of your positive self-talk routine.

Audio duration: 9 minutes 16 seconds


Meditation: Grounding, Chakras and Energetic Aura

This meditation will guide you to first ground yourself and then clear each chakra one by one. Finally, you will cleanse the energetic space around you known as your aura.


Duration: 16 minutes

Grounding Self-Hypnosis Audio

Just find a quiet, comfortable place to listen to this wonderful grounding audio.

Enjoy being grounded as you become a tree. Notice how you grow in perfect balance. Your roots growing ever deeper into the ground firmly holding you while your branches and leaves extend higher and higher into the Universe. Yes, you discover that perfect balance of finding the more grounded you are the higher your awareness of this vast Universe surrounding us.

Audio Duration: 26 minutes

path down.JPG

Streaming Podcasts

Anxiety Podcast pic.jpg

There are various ways you and I may work together to help you move through and past feelings of anxiety. (Duration: 9 minutes)

If you have further questions or would like to schedule a session please contact my office. (306) 270-2262

Fear podcast.jpg

Do you have a fear holding you back from reaching your potential?

Curious to know how a fear is removed? Kristine provides information on the process of helping clients take their power back using hypnosis.

Audio Duration: 5 minutes

Mental Block

Mental Blocks

Kristine explains how mental blocks may be formed, how they can affect a person in life and the process in which they are replaced with updated information.

Audio Duration: 3 minutes