What can you expect during your private therapy session?


Hypnotherapy is teamwork! You will help me to help you. Just as every individual is unique so too are the challenges that a person may choose to work on. While some people may only require a single session others may require a few sessions to achieve lasting results.

Clinical Hypnotherapy session

In your first private therapy session we will typically:

  • Discuss the presenting symptoms or issue that brought you here as well as your goals

  • Chat about any questions you may have about the process

  • Establish an individual therapy plan customized specifically for you

  • Determine the number of sessions your therapy plan may require

  • Introduce you to hypnosis (time allowing)

In subsequent sessions we will follow your individual therapy plan. In doing so, I may use a variety of proven hypnotherapeutic tools which may include:

  • Various techniques for positive change

We will likely do much of your private therapy while you are under hypnosis. You will experience this relaxing state while feeling very aware. In this state you will let your conscious take a rest while we access your subconscious mind. With access to your subconscious mind we in turn can access your memories, your perceptions of events, etc. to help you understand and resolve issues you are currently experiencing in life.

Sessions may be done in my office or remotely.

Remote hypnotherapy sessions provide an alternative for those unable to travel or who live remotely. Remote sessions work exactly the same way as face to face hypnotherapy. It is a great alternative for an office visit that allows you to relax in your home, feeling safe and comfortable. An initial free session may be used as a test session to ensure that any technical challenges are worked out. Technical challenges might include ensuring a good connection, audio and video quality.

The cost of a remote therapy session, after our initial test session, is the same as a Private Therapy Session with payment due prior to each session.


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What is Regression Therapy?


Emotionalized thoughts, often formed when one is a young child or during a traumatic event, are life decisions frozen in time. In those traumatic moments the younger person perceives, or forms beliefs, which stay with them forming a mental block.

How do you remove a mental block? Well, consider a dandelion- a pretty yet annoying yellow flower growing in your yard. If you pull the flower out the plant will come back over time. But, if you instead, pull the flower and root out, you will stop that annoying flower from springing into action again. The plant will be removed completely. Regression therapy is very similar. We can access your memories, available in your subconscious mind, to revisit the very root of your issue, the origin of when a perception was formed. By reviewing the scene, you can then put events in proper perspective so moving forward you bring along the improved, updated belief(s).

Mental blocks may be formed for many reasons and can affect a person’s life physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.
Have you ever watched an adult acting out in some way and literally thought, “What is up with him? He is acting just like a 2 year old!” Chances are that at 2 years old something did happen to that little boy who then formed a belief based on his perception at that time. The result? That young boy formed a mental block that, when triggered even as an adult, has the 2 year old resurface.

Perhaps you have a friend who continually makes unhealthy life choices, ranging from the type of partner she chooses to an addiction she can’t seem to break. You may both see a pattern repeat itself yet your friend just can’t seem to break the pattern to make healthier choices. Chances are that at some point, when your friend was younger, something happened. It could have been an incident, something she read, something overheard in conversation or on television or social media and unknowingly she formed a perception or belief in that moment that she has carried forward into adulthood.

Just as everyone is unique so too are life experiences and the different types of mental blocks that may develop. If you are experiencing any of the following conditions Hypnotherapy may be for you:

  • Breaking habits such as smoking or nail biting

  • Healing fears and phobias

  • Improving and healing symptoms such as tension, fear or fatigue

  • Managing depression, anxiety or stress

  • Clearing emotional charge and healing grief due to painful experiences

  • Releasing “shock energy” or clearing physical complaints or trauma for which your doctor finds no physical basis

  • Managing chronic pain

  • Resolving lifelong reoccurring patterns in relationships or emotional issues

  • Experiencing problems in school, work or in your marriage

  • Feeling lonely, unhappy and believe you aren’t getting the most out of your life; or

  • Performance related limiting beliefs

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy


Discovered in 1989, by California clinical psychologist Dr. Francine Shapiro, this treatment helps calm emotions involved with past, painful memories. You won’t lose the memory itself but rather reprocess it and desensitize the pain or negative feelings that accompany the memory.

If you find yourself triggered by a painful memory or sense of guilt arising from a past traumatic event or accident than this therapy may work well for you. I will work with you to make therapy as comfortable and easy as possible for you. We can work through the memory at your pace, slowing or speeding up, as appropriate.

If you would like to book and appointment or have questions regarding any therapies offered please contact me (link to contact page) and we can discuss if Hypnotherapy may be of benefit for you.

Case Studies


 Case Study: Fear of Success


Tricia came to me for help professionally. Though seemingly confident, Tricia described feeling anxious when it came to placing business ads and in waiting for clients to contact her.

Therapy Plan:

Regression Therapy helped Tricia understand the roots of her anxiety. Additional sessions (including self-hypnosis audios) were beneficial in:

  • helping Tricia through any future anxiety as she built trust and confidence in herself and her amazing abilities; and

  • imagining what a year of success would look like for Tricia both personally, professionally and financially.

Client Testimonial:

I went to see Kristine because I was feeling a “block” when it came to running ads for my business. I could feel the tightness in my chest every time I had to place an ad. I knew it was becoming a problem and wanted help to fix it, as this had been going on for a long time.

When I met her (Kristine) I got so much more than I bargained for. She took me to a strange but familiar place and I learned more about myself in that hour than I had in my lifetime. It was absolutely an amazing experience. I would highly recommend going to see her. I was nervous and knew very little about hypnosis, but she made me feel comfortable and at ease.

Thank you Kristine, from the bottom of my heart.

Tricia, October 2018

Case Study: Fear of Birds


Jackie’s fear of birds was preventing her from really enjoying her life by limiting her from any activities in which birds might be present. Jackie came to see me as a very determined woman with a wonder goal in mind and was more than ready for a positive change in this aspect of her life!


Birds phobia

Therapy Plan:

Regression therapy helped Jackie understand where her fear originated and enabled her to update her younger self. We also used a combination of visuals, suggestions and metaphors to help prepare Jackie in conquering her fears and making her goals a pleasant reality.

Feel free after phobia

Client Testimonial:

“I have had a debilitating fear of birds for as long as I can remember. I went to Kristine for regression therapy and it was amazing. The session itself was very emotional as it brought back so many memories, even memories that I had suppressed for years. I am happy to report that I have been able to enjoy this summer without being bothered by birds. Thank you so much Kristine!”

- Jackie, Saskatoon 2017

Case Study: Pain management for Burns


Propane Explosion!


I received a call from the hospital. A friend had recently sustained burns to the face, arms and hands as the result of a propane explosion and was in a significant amount of pain and discomfort.


Pain Management for burns

A person in trauma is already in a natural state of trance and very open to suggestion. It is therefore very important to choose your words wisely when working with, near or on someone who is experiencing trauma.
For this particular individual hypnosis was used to calm and cool the affected areas of the burns. A temporary button, otherwise known as an anchor, was also suggested so that each time a particular location was touched a feeling of coolness and calmness was activated flowing through the person and providing some measure of relief when I was no longer there to help. Audio recordings were provided to aid after dressing changes or when trying to relax enough to rest or sleep.

Client Testimonial:

“I was recently injured with significant burns to the face, both arms and hands from a propane explosion. Though, very grateful to have a friend like Kristine, I was quite skeptical of hypnotherapy as it was not a traditional kind of treatment I am familiar with. However, I agreed to try it to manage the pain I experienced at the hospital. Surprisingly, through the hypnosis I was able to refocus and relax to the point where the pain was bearable. To aid in the healing process, I also used hypnotherapy to sleep better as I consider it almost like a form of meditation or relaxation.
I appreciated Kristine’s help to get through this tough period and encourage anyone who may need assistance with issues such as pain management or having difficulty relaxing to be open and give hypnotherapy a try.”

- Male, Saskatoon area, June 2017