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Costs clinical private hypnotherapy

Private clinical hypnotherapy

  • Sessions are offered in my office or may be done remotely

  • Sessions typically run between 1-2 hours

  • General Cost: $85/clinical hour + GST

  • Remote sessions must be pre-paid

Package Programs & Pricing

Smoking Cessation Program

Hypnosis is highly effective with smoking cessation as we will get to the heart of the habit. We will program your mind so the old emotional and environmental triggers from the past will no longer hold any influence.

I use the leading hypnotic protocols available and this process works!

Discover how you are able to quit with ease and enjoy a smoke free life in only a few hours.

  • 3 session: $455 + GST

  • Special: $395 + GST (limited time only)

Costs Remote Healing Hypnotherapy

Beyond the Veil: Connecting with Spirit
This modality involves:

  • 2 hypnotherapists- one as facilitator and the other as a surrogate

  • Session duration runs 1- 1.5 hours typically

  • Audio recording of session for client as well as any post session insights

  • Cost: contact for pricing (fee due prior to session)

Costs Language Integration hypnotherapy

Language Integration
Integration sessions typically run 20 - 30 minutes

  • Cost: $85/ clinical hour + GST

Costs Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression
Regression sessions are typically an hour long

  • Cost: $85/clinical hour + GST

Access Barpic.jpg

Access Bars

A Bars session typically lasts between 60 - 90 minutes

  • Cost: $75/session + GST

Gift certificates are available.

Payment by cash, e-transfer or Credit (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) is kindly accepted.