The Iceberg Theory

Consider for a moment an iceberg. Your conscious mind reflects the 10% that sits above the view and contains your ‘known memories’- meaning those which can be recalled in the conscious state.

The other 90% below the surface is the storehouse of everything you have experienced in this or even other lifetimes, if you believe in incarnation. You might consider these your ‘forgotten’ and ‘hidden’ memories.

Many challenges you may be experiencing, such as fears or anxiety may be held and locked down energetically in your subconscious mind and may be stored with the negative charges associated with those memories. Those negative energies may be held like stagnant triangles with the initial event, feeling and self limiting beliefs all self supporting and sustaining each other.

Within each of us there are countless numbers of these triangles, from experiences we believe to be good or bad.

Using Hypnotherapy we can park the conscious part of your mind and uncover these triangles by using either the feeling, event or belief. We can then release that old energy, using a variety of different methods, and create something much better for you moving forward!

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