Anxiety- Is it controlling YOUR LIFE?

Have you been feeling stressed a lot lately? Perhaps your energy levels are feeling depleted or maybe you aren’t digesting foods as easily. You may be experiencing difficulties thinking logically or maybe you seem to be taking off more sick days than ever before?

Did you know that for every thought or emotion you have, there is a corresponding chemical and physiological response in your body?

It’s true.

Whether your thought or emotion is real, or only perceived, your mind and body will respond regardless. Consider your nervous system as being much like a communication system. Your nervous system will take in a message, interpret it and determine what will go on in your body, as a result of that message.

Adrenaline is one of the many chemicals released during stress and is commonly known as the Fight or Flight hormone. If a stressful situation presents itself your adrenaline release is a normal function of your body’s defense mechanism as part of your autonomic nervous system.

However, when you spend a great deal of your time being stressed out, feeling anxious, the chemical balance in your body is compromised as your body’s energy is being depleted. Next, the chemicals in your body become out of balance and your immune system may begin to break down, often resulting in illness or disease. Your brain is affected as well as you may find yourself not able to think clearly. This may lead to adrenal fatigue or other ailments.

The good news is that you can reset your autonomic nervous system be resetting your brain! You can learn positive coping mechanisms including specific breathing methods and a variety of exercises. Hypnotherapy is useful in updating those less desirable responses using your own positive resources.

The result?

You will find that as each day passes you will feel better and better, freer, lighter and happier. And, in the process, you will have taken control of your brain, your thoughts and your actions!

If you are ready for change contact me, and let’s work together so that you can start living your life feeling better and better, lighter and happier.

Are you ready for change?