Skype Clinical Private Hypnotherapy session

Clients, unable to travel or who live remotely, may consider a Skype private clinical hypnotherapy session as an alternative to a personal therapy session in my office. Skype therapy works exactly the same way as face to face hypnotherapy.

It is a great alternative for an office visit that allows you to relax in your home, feeling safe and comfortable.

Once you have Skype set up on your computer you can find me, Kristine Stewart, as a Skype contact. An initial free session may be used as a test session to ensure that any technical challenges are worked out. Technical challenges might include ensuring a good connection, audio and video quality.

The cost of a Skype therapy session, after our initial test session, is the same as a Private Therapy Session with payment due prior to each session.

Hypnotherapy is teamwork! You will help me to help you. Just as every individual is unique so too are the challenges that a person may choose to work on.  Skype therapy sessions typically last between one and one and half hours long. While some people may only require a single session others may require a few sessions to achieve lasting results.

In your first session we will typically:

  • Discuss the presenting symptoms or issue that brought you here as well as your goals
  • Chat about any questions you may have about the process
  • Establish a plan customized specifically for you
  • Determine the number of sessions your plan may require
  • Introduce you to hypnosis (time allowing)

In subsequent sessions we will follow your therapy plan. In doing so, I may use a variety of proven hypnotherapeutic tools which may include:

  • Regression therapy to help determine the cause of presenting symptoms or mental blocks
  • Stories, imagery, metaphors, reframing or direct suggestions
  • Reinforcement of learning for lasting results
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy; or
  • Self- hypnosis audio recordings as a self- care tool to strengthen change.

We will likely do much of your therapy while you are under hypnosis. You will experience this relaxing state while feeling very aware. In this state you will let your conscious mind take a rest while we access your subconscious mind. With access to your subconscious mind we in turn can access your memories, your perceptions of events, etc. to help you understand and resolve issues you are currently experiencing in life.


Questions? Ready to book a session? Call, text or mail Kristine today.

Client Testimonials

Kristine helped me to answer a lot of questions and gain a better understanding of events that have happened in my life. I am forever grateful for that. I highly recommend her to friends. She is fair priced and amazing at her job:) THE best hypnotic session I’ve had to date. Thank you so much, Kristine!
— H.R., USA, December 2017

I was blown away by my hypnosis session with Kristine, and I still can’t figure out the right words to give it justice, but I will try my best.
I was a bit worried as I never tried hypnosis before, but since the very beginning Kristine made me feel comfortable, supported and cared for. She took her time to explain the process and answered all my concerns. She made sure I wouldn’t leave any question out.
When the process began, I was surprised how easy it was to relax thanks to her voice and nurturing energy. I began to receive impressions right away, as I was going deeper within myself and it felt natural to stay open to insight. When the being I wanted to contact stepped forward, his energy felt so intense that it made me dizzy. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep the session going. But, thanks to Kristine’s voice and guidance I calmed down quickly and went back to center.
I was also surprised about how much details I was able to get. It was all because of Kristine, as she helped me to maintain relaxed so my intellect wasn’t able to doubt about the information before it came out of my mouth. Despite the fact that I’ve been channeling for some time, Kristine helped me to go deeper and leave doubt behind.
Thanks to her support I was able to clarify my connection with this being, answer many questions about him and his role in my life, receive visions about significant events, and most important, let go of disbelief and open up to the connection.
I highly recommend Kristine’s session if you need help to get answers about yourself and your connections in a clear way while staying in a pleasant state, knowing that you will be supported and safe all the way.
— S.E., Chile, Janauary 2018