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Self Love the entire month of February!

  • Hypnotherapy Services by Kristine Saskatchewan Canada (map)

With Valentine's Day around the corner...

How about something a little out of the ordinary for that someone special in your life- especially if that someone special is you!

Experience hypnosis, and its wonderful benefits, for yourself, as a couple or with a small group! Choose from 4 Hypnosis Self Love Journey sessions. As a bonus, couples may also experience an amazing chakra connection!

Kristine will answer any questions you may have and then lead you into hypnosis using wonderful visualizations and suggestions. These guided hypnosis sessions are approximately 1 hour each.

The 4 Hypnosis Self Love Journey session options include: 

Self love gratitude small.png


Feeling stuck or negative?

Journey to a wonderful place in your imagination where you review the many aspects in your life for which you are truly grateful.

Grounding Med.jpg


Feeling disconnected or stressed? Reconnect and ground yourself as you journey to understand the deep roots of a beautiful tree as it's trunk and leaves reach for the universe in perfect balance.

Self love relaxation.jpg


Feeling stressed or tense? Enjoy as your muscles loosen up using the power of hypnosis.Journey into nature as you feel so wonderfully as ease and connected as all your cares fade away.

Self love healing energy.jpg

Healing just for you!

Feeling emotional or experiencing discomfort in your body? Travel to a beautiful garden and waterfall of your imagination. You will be guided to use healing energy, made just for you, to drain away any discomfort you may be feeling.

An Amazing Option for Couples


Chakra Connection

Establish a strong, loving chakra energy connection with each other.

This hypnosis session can be easily adapted to include fertility suggestions for couples planning a family!

Session Costs and Contact Information

Please come comfortably dressed, ready to relax and experience hypnosis. All sessions will be held in my tranquil Saskatoon office.

Private Session: $45/ 1 hour session

Small Group Session (up to 3 individuals): $60/ 1 hour session

Couple Chakra Session: $60/1 hour session

Please call, text, or email Kristine today to book your session. Kristine will happily accept cash, e-transfer or credit.

Gift cards are also available.