Energy surrounds and embraces us. Though invisible as the air we breathe energy is just as real. Energy is being transmitted all the time. Consider television or radio signals continually being picked up by receivers. Remote energy can also be picked up, transferred and received over long distances as we are all connected.

Beyond the Veil: Connecting with Spirit sessions may be done with the intention of asking questions, sending messages, seeking advice or providing healing for all concerned. These remote sessions require teamwork. As facilitator I prepare a photo of the subject as well as the information you have provided. When ready, I lead a surrogate, who is most often another Hypnotherapist, into trance. My surrogate may be considered a blank slate, purposely knowing little about the Subject other than their name, and photo. Once in trance, the Surrogate is asked to call up the Subject’s energy and once consent is received our session proceeds. 

Whatever our spiritual beliefs, most of us believe in the idea of a soul, or the part of us that makes us who we are.  While our brain is connected to our body, on a physical level, our mind is connected to our soul metaphysically. Through Beyond the Veil: Connecting with Spirit, we are able to connect with the energy of our Subject, whether the Subject is living or has passed away. We access this information telepathically (or intuitively), so to speak, through time and space. This connection is something we often experience. For example, how often have you ever thought of a person and they called you?


There are many advantages to using this  modality.

  • Language is understood regardless of the language spoken by the subject
  • We tune in, through time and space, to the subject’s subconscious energy
  • Sessions may provide answers to questions, insight, healing, emotional relief or guidance
  • Verbal consent is attained from subject prior to any session proceeding




There are many instances in which this type of service is useful. While only one session may be required, sometimes a complex situation may benefit from several remote sessions for positive change to occur.

  • Insight or healing for self, a child, elderly parent or other loved one
  • Closure, insights, guidance and healing following the death of a loved one
  • Many types of energy can also attach to our own energy resulting in challenges from confusion to health issues. Sessions can reveal these attachments and any energy not your own, can be cleared
  • Insight or clearing of a newly purchased property or home
  • Insight, healing or improvement of a family pet

Requirements for hypnotherapy

What’s required?


To connect with a subject please provide the following:

  • A photograph and name of the subject 
  • Any questions, messages or concerns  you have regarding the subject,
  • Any symptoms or challenges the subject may be dealing with, and
  • A signed release and consent form.

Payment is due prior to your remote session taking place.

Once I have this information I work with the client to put a session plan together.  The session is then held as we psychically connect remotely with the energy field, or subconscious, of our subject.


Expected session outcomes?

An audio recording of the therapy session will be available by way of email shortly after the session has occurred. Any post session insights will be relayed as well.  

As with any other session understand that healing and insight may only take place if a subject is willing and receptive. 

Questions? Ready to book a session? Call, text or mail Kristine today!

Case Studies

Case: The Message behind the Stolen Jewelry



A woman, who had recently passed away, was to be contacted in hopes of uncovering a mystery surrounding some stolen jewelry. The stolen materials had been taken from the home of the woman's surviving family. A family photo was used for the Beyond the Veil: Connecting with Spirit session. Our client was also in the photo along with two deceased family members which included our Subject. Both deceased family members showed up during the session with many messages of love and encouragement.

 Client Testimonial:

Wow! Thank you so much!! I am at a loss for words, and that's hard for me cause I love to talk! I need to listen to it (the audio recording) again after I am done crying. Your right, my sister is blunt but she hit the nail on the head!! I have built a huge wall cause I'm scared I will crumble without it. This dear life has not been easy, so I started building.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-K.P., Saskatchewan, November 2017

Case: Young Man Hospitalized



A young man, suffering with muscular dystrophy, was undergoing treatment using an experimental medication. He was hospitalized and recovering from an episode of seizures that had occurred unexpectedly. A family member, very concerned, approached us to do a Beyond the Veil: Connecting with Spirit session for this young man in hopes of healing and understanding.

Client Testimonial:

Thank you Karen and Kristine for the Beyond the Veil: Connecting with Spirit session which you did on behalf of my nephew!

It was incredible how long you were able to stick with the session despite Kristine picking up on the pain and other difficult sensations that my nephew lives with due to his disease. Also pinning down and clearing the attachment was truly amazing with everything going on. One of the major things which obviously came out of the session was in regards to his medication. Medications clashing came up numerous times. Recently his mother decided to not restart any of the medications he was taken off during the last episode. This decision was made after the Beyond the Veil session and before I had the opportunity to speak with her. 

Wishing you both much success with this valuable work.

-M.R., United States, December 2017

Case: House Spirit

House Spirit Hypnotherapy


A woman had just purchased a home and not long thereafter the previous owner passed away. The new home owner had been interested in learning more specifics about the home especially about evidence of a previously flooded basement. Her questions went unanswered as the real-estate dealer couldn’t answer some of these more specific questions.


Luckily the new home owner and I were able to obtain a photo of the previous owner from a newspaper obituary. The kindly written obituary also provided some insight into the elderly lady’s life. The session was easy to prepare for as I took all the home owner questions along with the photo, the lady’s name and age and was set to go.
The woman’s spirit, once called upon was so delighted to answer questions and provide insight on her beloved home. She was so happy about the family that had moved in and provided insightful details surrounding a past flood, some basement art work and an incident in the driveway that had left the pavement a bit marked up. The sweet spirit, showing some of her mannerisms through the surrogate, was obviously still a bit embarrassed about the whole pavement event, showing us how she had accidentally driven into her driveway before the pavement had set. She must have done this just as the work was finished as people were trying to hurry her into backing up and out of the driveway which in turn had left her quite flustered and embarrassed.

Woman's spirit hypnotherapy

Client Testimonial:

I recently purchased a house. The previous owner had passed away and some questions I had were not able to be answered by the realtor. Kristine and Brittany were able to contact the owner. I was able to discover that a water event was a one off deal and not from a recurring event which definitely put me mine at ease. I was given an overall sense that this home has been loved and that my girls and I will be very happy here.

- New home owner, July 2017